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I must've done something right
Karma just kicked in for something (and frankly, I can't think what it was), and suddenly my life came good. My request for an extension on my overdraft was successful, which means I have a little more money for the end of term (enough to go out with my friends tomorrow to say goodbye to everybody), so I can also eat and stuff. So I've just gone out and bought myself some food, because toast can only be tolerated for a few days when you're having three meals of it per day.

Anyway, then I found that the USSU shop sells top-up vouchers, so I bought some credit for my phone, so I can now talk to people... Tried phoning Chris (The Sublime one) but he didn't answer. Damn him. I mean granted, it's like the middle of the night or something, but still....

Then I got back to the best bit of all. I've been really stressing about my exam tomorrow, but turns out, I might not need to. Mice has just loaned me her Algebra and Geometry notes, and her condensed revision notes, for the evening. I now have everything I need to learn right here, and I think I can probably manage to work through that. So I'll be eating yummy food, watching Fight Club on DVD, and learning stuff for an exam that I didn't think I could possibly pass. Life is good to me sometimes :o)


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