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Another day, another wad of cash
Yay for money... Gotta love it.... Anyway, I'm rather annoyed. See, the thing is, I leave my house at 7:40am, and thus it's always cold. So I always take my coat with me. Plus, at that time of day, it's hard to know if it'll rain all over me or not. But inevitably, it's a lovely day, and I get stuck with my coat. Grrr...

Anyway, I got in today and it was slightly chilly in the room. So they kindly put the heating on. Very nice of them. Anyhow, if there's one sound that sends me to sleep, it's that of a fan. Or a hoover. Or a tumble drier. Or any sort of whirring noise. Sends me right off. So I just sat in my big comfy soft chair and had a nap for the first 30 minutes of work. Then they turned it off. Fortunately, in the toilet there's a big extractor fan. So I could just go in there and snooze a bit if I had to.

Oh, and there was this questionaire a while back. It asked why it is that guys always mess with girls' heads. Now, while not an expert on the subject by any means, I do have something to say on the matter. I generally try not to mess with peoples' heads too much - in recent months (or even years) the only girl whose head I've messed about with was Liz's. Now firstly, she deserved it for absolutely screwing me up. However, secondly, it was slightly fun, knowing that I was essentially controlling her in a way. I guess it's a power thing (although I feel I ought to stress once more - she deserved it - I've yet to pull that one on anybody who doesn't).

Right now I'm rather annoyed. Not only is my guitar in for repairs, but the bottom E string on my father's guitar broke last night, so now all I have is a 5 string guitar. Ho hum..... More later


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