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Ahh.... You know it's summer when...
... Wimbledon takes over half the TV channels available to me... It's odd, I go through the whole year, thinking Tennis sucks, and that it's boring, but I still love it when it's actually on TV... Although right this second, it's a bit stupid - both BBC1 and BBC2 are showing Serena Williams' match, and I can't be arsed to watch that - it's not nearly as exciting as other matches...

But still - yay for Wimbledon. Good fun to watch. Now just looking through the Algebra and Geometry midterm test (which is actually on the whole subject). Inner product spaces, Gram-Schmidt (which I really must learn), change of basis matrices, calculation of determinants using Gaussian Elimination, finding Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors by more general techniques, proving diagonalisability of matrices, that's about it... Time to go download the answers to the midterm and learn how to do this junk....

Update: Aw, crap, he's only gone and written just the answers, rather than the methods. Oh well, more searching required to find the methods :o|

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yay for gram-schmidt!

and damn, for ive forgotten how to do it..

I never knew, on account of not going to lectures and stuff. But I think I'll look it up... :o)

as far as i remember, it aint all that hard and is quite useful. though i cant really remember what its used in at all...

hmmm, maybe solving equations or something?

Othogonalizing the basis of a matrix to find complements of the subspace, or something... I dunno, I missed this entire module...

oh of course. othorgonal subspaces, thats the one... cool stuff that is.

Wish I knew what orthogonal meant... Damn :o)

an orthogonal subspace is an orthonormal subspace with all its components being linearly independant with each other i think.

ahhh, trying remember maths i did first semester should be easier than this...

nope, i was wrong. a set {v1, v2,...,vj} is orhtogonal iff (vi,vj)=0 for all vi not equal to vj.

and a orthonormal set is an orthogonal set with all entires having norm of 1

Wish I could remember how to work out all that stuff... it might make it easier for me to pass tomorrow's exam :o|

*does a Google search for various maths stuff*

ah, the wonders of having maths notes...

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