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I am obliged...
... to say that I met this individual on Sunday during my travels around Altrincham... He has very colored hair, you know...

Hmm, I wonder if I can go through listing all the people with journals I've met or know in "reality".... Right, let's see.... adcott, david, arual, adacuerz, davedowns, kits, ryn, doctorbob, ed, greendragon, judethefreak, nosygit, nozza, oldgit, orangespice (in 5 days), shy, tma, xpander, spud203, kingmitch, morganfrench..... Now that's not bad at all - over 20... :o)

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what makes you think my head isn't naturally that colour? :oP

Well, I could always change my post to say
I am obliged...
... to say that I met this individual on Sunday during my travels around Altrincham... He has a mutant dayglo head, you know...
But I figured I'd just assume it was dyed... Anyway, technically I said it was colored - and that it is :o)

point taken.
But I am tempted to have an entirely monochrome head from now on to minimise these dyed/colored misunderstandings :o)
Oh and I am very flattered to get a mention in your 1,700th post.

A monochromatic head would certainly reduce such misunderstandings, but I expect people would still discuss your head - especially if it was all monochrome, including your face...

As for it being my 1700th post... well... had I known, I'm sure I'd have avoided bestowing such an honour on anybody, but I seem to go through a lot of posts every week (about 50 or so), and lose track... :o)

Yes and Spud203's journal me do is packed full of goodness.

Where is he these days? I try emailing him but it takes him at least seven weeks to reply at a time.

Well, let's see...
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I dunno why he even bothered :o)

I'm not sure where he is, but every now and again I see him pop online at about 4am or something... Although not in the last few days, I'll admit, since I've not been up too late these last few days...

Bit late, and slightly untrue

Okay, so I don't exactly update it much, but andygeers is another...

Re: Bit late, and slightly untrue

Oops... yeah, sorry, you're included on that list too... :o)

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