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Um, right
Until I sort out the layout for the page, this stuff can go here...
Napster Music Deal "Delights Fans"
By David Whitney

The notorious digital music transfer system Napster today secured details for its controversial subscription service.

The new subscription revolves around the record industry being paid for the rights to a specific company or label's catalogue of music which allows napster users to access this music for free, in exchange for their subscription fee to by paid monthly.

Hank Barry, chief executive of Napster, claimed all file sharing must reflect the deepest wishs of users; "And what the users want is that the artists get paid, Not only are they wanting to pay for it, they're demanding to pay for it.". Obviously showing himself to be a man in touch with the true sentimentalities of free music loving fans, who wish to pay for all the free music they consume. "After all", a spokesperson subsequently volunteered, "why on earth would internet users want to download things for free? Here at Napster we believe such an idea to be simply ridiculous, it goes against what we have been fighting long and hard for, free music is simply an unatainable goal and we hope to have proven this today".
Ho hum... Need to sort out the site for stuff like this...


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