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Note to Universe
My band (whose members are as yet undefined and whose existence is sketchy at best) is called "Suckers for Self Destruction". I decided that I like that name. David is an honourary member whether he likes it or not :o)

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i was thinking of calling mine "the chameleon ride" (after a union carbide production song)

can you sing?

Opinions as to my ability to sing vary... When I try, I have been told by professionals that I am quite good. However, when I record anything on the computer I do it quietly, and it sounds so whiny. Give me a stage and big speakers for my guitar and I can sing along quite well, allegedly...

i think i sing best when i'm alone in the car.

It's hard to find a place or a time when you can sing all out, innit?

Exactly. I can sing well when I try, but when I try it's loud, and people would hear it, and that's bad...

Despite this being from last year, I know EXACTLY how you feel... and people tend to always sound worse when they sing in a whisper... sometimes, being alone can be a good thing... I guess...

Paul McCartney on Prozac

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