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Ho hum....
Helped Vicky move a load of her stuff out - she's leaving on Friday. Everybody is leaving :o(

This sucks... I'll miss people :o(


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it wasnt like that for me when my flatmates moved out at the end of the year. but thats cos im moving in next year with the 5 i actually got on with, and was happy that the other 9 were fucking off. so this comment has no value whatsoever. ah well...

I'm moving in with... let's see... Well, there's James, who gets annoying quickly. Then there's Claire, who's really nice and also does Maths, which is good. Then there's Harry and Alex, my two ex-girlfriends. Ugh.

But of the other 7 in the flat, I'm really going to miss 6 of them. And of those 6 remaining, 4 are international students who are going back home, and those are the people I'll miss. The other two are going to live together with some other friends, but since they do Maths as well, I'll see them in lectures (when I go)....

But you will see them again later on, yeah?

Some I will, others (Joyce (who is already gone), Annie, Ebs and Lollo) I won't.

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