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A few points
Firstly about David and me... 'tis all very odd. Damned good friends we might be and all, but this is only the third time we've ever met. Yet we seem to get on well (I dunno, he might be sick of me by now, but ;o)... Frankly, any two people who have only met twice before who feel comfortable playing Sonic the Hedgehog in their boxer shorts are clearly good friends, or something...

Secondly, people underestimate me, they really do... I tell people things and they never ever listen. Certain people tell me that I've not got the guts to do various things, and I hope I proved sufficiently that I damned well do, and that the proving of the point wasn't the motivation. I seem to suffer from Marty McFly syndrome in such situations, as David well knows (and tried to warn people). My flatmates do it too though - and it's annoying. One of these days, you'll find me laughing maniacally, screaming in an evil voice "I'LL SHOW YOU ALL!!!1!!!"

Anyhow, so yeah, yesterday was the most weird and surreal day of my life, that's a fact. However, at this point, that's all I'm saying... Just... blah... :o|

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Maybe these people just like watching random acts of stupidity ;)

I believe in you Jim-lad...

Underestimation is a wonderful thing.
I think..
I wasn't very good at the thinking lark like ever though :)
And yes, you proved, and from this moment on, we will believe.
I suppose. :)


Underestimation may be wonderful (or something), but belief is better :o)



#i'm a believer#


<voice mode="Homer Simpson">
Damn straight :o)

Don't you "Hmmmm" at me miss - I know what you're thinking, and before you continue thinking, you should probably mail me :oP

I think I overestimate you if anything. Being the sycophant that I am. :)

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