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AI exam went amazingly... First question was on Genetic Algorithms, second question on Perceptrons. The former I've known since a-level and could have answered just as well back then (I was working on GAs last summer)... And the latter I studied for 40 minutes while talking to Jen this morning. I answered all questions to completion, and wrote 7 sides of A4 in the hour it took me to finish. So I finished 30 minutes early, and left. I have to say, of all the exams I've taken over the past little while, that was the best.

So, so far, I know I've passed everything. Woohoo... This is all highly reassuring :o)

Anyhow, parents are on the way, so they'll help me move stuff out, then off to Manchester... :o)

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Nice work fella.

Supposed to pass uni exams... why didn't anyone tell ME this? Pah.

Have fun doing, erm whatever, wherever um. eek...

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