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I had been said of me...
... that I always wear a concerned look. You think my journal pictures are me putting on an act? Well, you'd be half right, but yeah, people think I always look concerned. But wait, that wasn't what I meant to say. Read the subject again, and follow on here:

... that I am a fast learner. The Maths module "Stats in Action" from 6th form that I had to do was a self-teaching one since nobody else wanted to do Stats. So I learned the first two chapters over a long period, then just gave up. The day before my exam, I read through the book twice doing a couple of exercises, went into the exam and kicked arse. Which was nice.

And in the space of the last fourty minutes I have learned everything I'll need to know about Neural Networks, Perceptrons, and that sort of junk that I would need to know to do well on the past FAI papers. Frankly, I'm going into this exam knowing what I need to know, and looking forward to the challenge of applying it. Part of the reason I love AI is because parts of it are Artsy. You can do a BA in AI, so it kinda makes sense...

Trust me kids, if I can impart just one piece of advice to you, it's this. Don't do Science courses at Uni, do Arts subjects. Really. History, Social Anthropology, stuff like that. Trust me, it's better for you - I've spent a year on a science course and would love nothing more than to get the fuck off it and start doing something on an arts course. My philosophy (if I'm even allowed one on a science course) on the subject is thus:
Science courses fill your mind. Arts courses expand it
And I believe that. Science sucks. That's why I'm actually liking bits of the AI here - it's nice and philosophical... Ho hum...

If I were a Math major, then I could do an Arts course on the side, but sadly joint majors don't :o(

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i hope you make jen happy cuz i miss her. i wish i could go back. i think you're gonna have this feeling ten million times worse when you leave. i pity you. she's the best. don't hurt her.

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