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I can't sleep.... I managed about three hours or so, perhaps less, after I got off the phone from Jen, but for the last couple of hours I've been stuck awake, so I think I'll just get up now and sleep on the train up to Manchester... Hope I wake up when it stops ;o)

Ah, some fun quotes...
"Make like a tree, and be chopped into little pieces by unionized timber workers"

"TV is my friend who sucks my imagination and leads me down a dark path of violence, drugs and bad situation comedies"

"If you're abducted by aliens, then appease them with chocolate/sex. Or chocolate sex, I guess..."

"You're taking an exam you didn't study at all for:
  • Write "I can't write the answers because the guy behind me is trying to cheat off my paper" on the exam
  • Start a small but intense fire, scream, and run out of the door
  • Cheat
  • Write "Just because I didn't write the answers doesn't mean I don't know them" on the exam
  • Laugh maniacally throughout in an attempt to throw the grade curve"

    "How do you get out of a headlock?
  • Lick the hand of the person holding you in said headlock
  • Ho hum... Mostly courtesy of The Flonk (although not their main page...). Plus, I've just discovered that mhm21x20 has a LJ - that's just spooky... Too many people have these things :o)

    Right... twenty to seven in the morning... I think I'll get a bit of revision done, and also pop down to the maths block and get hold of some past maths papers to take to Manchester with me - I shall study Maths Methods II while I'm there at some point - probably on the train back more than anything else. This is necessary for me to pass, which I really would like to do.

    9 days!!

    Today - FAI exam, parents visiting, off to Manchester
    Sunday - In Manchester with David, Laura, Jude, Gaz, Steve, etc.
    Monday - In Manchester, come home that evening
    Tuesday - Maths Methods exam in the morning
    Wednesday - Revision for AG exam
    Thursday - AG exam in the morning
    Friday - Further Programming in the morning, partying in the evening
    Saturday - Pack up, Go home
    Sunday - Mum's birthday, packing etc.
    Monday - America!!

    Ah, so close... So very very close... By the time I'm properly back from Manchester, it'll be just 6 days to go... Now that is quite something... I should pack for my trip this morning too... My parents are coming down at about midday, which will really be good - I've missed them so much (although I'd never admit it)... Should be taking home my CD collection, my bookcase, my bedside table, and a few miscellaneous boxes. Things that aren't going are my computer, my guitar, and my clothes. The third of those because I want to be free to wear what I like this week, and I'll easily have a chance to wash everything for America before I leave, so I can deal with them...

    My room is still a tip, but that's OK - I'll be able to sort that out before I leave in a week's time... God, one week. I'll have moved out of my flat in seven days and three hours... That's just worrying... I'll miss this place so much, I really will. It's been my home for ages, especially this term when I've not visited my actual home at all. Sunday July 1st (my mother's birthday - I'm expecting Happy Birthday e-mails from all of you) will be my only full day at home between April 22nd and August 2nd. That's over three full months of not being home. Weird... I miss my cat :o|

    So, yeah, clothes, past papers, food, exam, parents, Manchester. That's how today is going to work out. Good good....

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    Make time for a visit to a local public house please. That's if Chris is about (where the hell is he?). G'won, I need something to spend my hard earned cash on like... :)

    Hmm... P'raps Saturday night, but I really can't promise anything... I'll not be home for 48 hours before I'm in America...

    Yes, pay day Saturday, plus I don't have to work the nightmare 14 hour shift that weekend.

    We shall see then.

    Amendment to timetable

    Tuesday - Maths Methods exam in the morning, sorting out room in afternoon
    Wednesday - Revision for AG exam, sorting out room
    Thursday - AG exam in the morning,sorting out room in afternoon
    Friday - Further Programming in the morning, sorting out room in afternoon, partying in the evening

    That way when a certain father arrives at the crack of sparrows' fart on Saturday to find a "tired and emotional" son, there'll be bugger all to do except load up and go.

    Re: Amendment to timetable

    I shan't be "tired and emotional" - I am out of money, completely.

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