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I apologise to everybody for lying before when I said I was excited about America. I can't have been, because that didn't compare at all to right now. It's going to be so great :o)

Plus, going camping on like the second day there - I get to see the stars again. Living where I do, I've literally not seen the stars for months, it sucks. I miss nature... So yay for camping.

And yay for Jen :o)


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America? I must have missed an entry somewhere...

If you're ever in Mississippi and want an official tour.... (your not missing much)
I could introduce you to cow tipping and snipe hunting.

speaking from experience, cow tipping is boring. opossum hunting is where it's at.


Eww, opossum are mean as hell, but wow! I've just earned a whole new respect for unknownj's choice in women.

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