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Feeling Happy
All is good - yay... :o)

Disregard previous posts, all is well, mostly :o)

Oh, and Jen? No, when Ben came to the door, I wasn't naked. Not entirely.... :o)

Anyway, need to wake up in 6 hours for my exam. I need 8 marks. Still haven't got a clue about anything. Praying for questions on Prisoner's Dilemma, Genetic Algorithms, or something I can use common sense on. Otherwise, I'll have to bullshit my way through :o(

Oh well, sleep now. I just pray I get up in time in the morning - otherwise that would really suck...

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Good luck in the exam ;-)

i can't sleep either. i fell asleep downstairs and just woke up, and i have a feeling that kate and her friend are sleeping in my bed.

i seriously need to start kicking some ass.

so mr creepers and i are enjoying the last bit of turkey from the fridge...


just thinking about how beautiful you are.

Aww, you poor mistreated dear. Don't kick too much ass, or there'll be none left for me to kick, and I did promise... ;o)

As for Mr Creepers, I have one word for you - "Debil!!" :o)

Aww... *hugs*

I bloody well am not - you pillock :o)

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