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And again...
I apologise for all this, but I'm just fed up. I'm fed up with people saying "How are you", and answering with "OK", "Fine", "Not bad", bollocks. I hate people to think I'm whining or self-pitying so I just shut up about everything, and is that the way to go? Or is that ultimately self-destructive?

Anybody watching me closely will notice an inconsistency, a contradiction, which is easily explained it you look closer. The problem is, the circumstances offer two different explanations, and they're very different conclusions. So be careful before you try to work out what they are, if you've even noticed.

And finally, another thing is that everybody is right but me. David's right about me screwing up, my parents are right about me being shite with money (don't even ask how things are now, I'm sorting them, don't worry), it's all just depressing. I'm officially useless. Thank you world.

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*looks befuddled*

Righto. Well, we like ya anyway, how's that? *big fat hug*

[I've got my own ... QUESTIONS, rather than opinions, and I'm just going to keep my gob shut until everything is nice and obvious ;-) ]

Everything will either become clear or disappear in time...

As it always does, no matter what we're talking about. ;-)

*big hug*

Well, whatever it is and however it works out, I hope it'll work out as nicely as possible for you, love.

im sorry to sound like a complete bastard, but theres people out there with many many more problems than anyone who has regular access to a computer, a family, friends and a home could ever imagine
sure u feel not too good at the moment, been there done that
just think of how lucky u actually are (and dont try and be sarcastic, it doesnt work with me) and ull smile and be happy
it works, trust me =)

Re: oh quit whining

I'm not denying that others have problems, nor that I am lucky. However, right now, I'm feeling a lot less lucky than I've felt in the past. It's all about my own experiences, because that's all I have to draw on. And I'm at a very big low right now compared to normal.

And appreciating what I've got is all very well and good, except it doesn't seem to help right now because it's what I've got that's the problem.

point taken, shakes hand, pats u on the back and hands u a double brandy =)

Excuse me?

I'm sorry, no matter how many times I hear the "you can't be depressed, you've got a good life compared to those below the poverty line" argument, I can't but feel sorry for those who genuinely believe that life is as black and white as that.

my life isnt as black and white as that
my life is anything but black and white, and i have alot more problems than u would think
but i put them to the back of my list of things to think about, and it makes me happier
and if it makes me happier it cant be a bad thing
but once again i am forced to repeat myself when i say
"dont judge a book by its cover"
im happy cos i want to be
not cos theres nothing wrong in my life

I have no probelms and I am not happy.
And I wish to hell I could be.
And sometimes I am, but it fails.

What do you suggest doctor whatever your name is?

I tried that once. Didn't help a thing.

Oh I do that all the time.

I amvery good at it, in fact.
Laughing too.

Surface happiness is easy.

Tis ultimately self-destructive,
I have experience in the field ;)
Of shuting everything up whining and self-destruction,
Whining being the preferable option cause people do listen and do try to help,
Whining's a shite word for talking about your problems anyway,
Whine away...


Just getting it out of my system before tomorrow, that's all :o)

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