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Further Outbursts. Move Along.
Exactly. That's exactly the point. And why, for fuck's sakes? If people would do what they said, then perhaps I'd be OK on the inside and the outside. But nobody ever does, because what would be the point in that, eh... Why should anybody do anything for the best, when fucking things up is so much more appealing...

The problem is, there are no quick solutions, and there's no such thing as miracles, and no matter how much you want to believe something, there's always going to be somebody, fly open, prepared to piss on your parade... Because that's how people work - they annoy, they hurt, they generally suck. And those few that don't get stuck with those that do and get changed.

Anyway, don't say that nobody was warned, don't say I didn't make things clear from the start, and for fuck's sakes don't blame me for anything. Because I'm a product of society, a product of the media, a product of what others do to me, and nobody takes responsibility for anything any more. There's always somebody else to blame, always a cause for every effect. Well here's the cause, and when the effect happens, you can damned well figure out my motives by looking to now.


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