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Hey, anybody remember the days when this userpic was my default (and only) one? Ah, the past is wonderful...

Update: Woah, looking at this one next to current pics, it just shows how much I've changed over the last year... Hmm...

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Oh my goodness, James. I've always been in love with that picture!!! It's the first one I ever saw of you . .

You look awesome in it..


I was forgetting that... yeah, of course... Wow, those were the days... I had only, like 7 LiveJournal friends, and just spent my mornings before work browsing the directory page reading the journals of, like, everybody in the UK...

I miss that :o)

Me too, babe . . good times :oP

I have that picture on my harddrive.
I didn't know it was your old userpic.
No I am not stalking you.

This is where Byers got the picture from in the first place...

You look sooooo young! hehehe!

Indeed, it's rather funny really... :o)

indeed, I should drag up some old userpics too, I've had enough of them :o)

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