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So, sod that
The past paper was just painfully simple... I mean really.... "Given this array, how would you count the number of blah blah blah blah". Easy. And I've passed already. The point is, I can still revise and all - I just don't need to look through past papers, I know what to expect now.

Anyway, so, came back home again. The kitchen has to be cleaned properly this week, which means that we're not allowed any posters up. The room hasn't looked so bare and desolate since the first week here - it brings back memories of 12 kids sat around a table discussing their new dwellings and the new lives ahead of them. It's so sad to think that everything that characterised our flat has been removed - posters gone, straw models gone, pictures gone...

It fucking well sucks, that's what, it's just... Grr.... Despite how much this year has managed to suck in various ways, it's never sucked to be living here with 11 of the coolest people I've ever met, in a really nice flat, where I really felt I belonged (sometimes).


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ergo proves the point that nothing is perfect, but i say that you are doin pretty damn well :)

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