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Manchester Stuff
Right, here's what it looks like right now...

Station Arrive Depart
Falmer   16:23
Brighton 16:31 16:50
Victoria 17:39 17:54
Euston 18:02 18:20
Manchester 21:38  

OK then... Looking good. Had an amusing conversation with greendragon, david and judestar about plans and stuff, and then (I think after Jude left) it quickly degenerated into a conversation about having an orgy at David's house. Reminded me of last summer, really....

... Uh, not that we had orgies at David's house or owt. Just the fast-paced many-people chats on MSN with various Manchester type people... Heh, David, still got the logs from those Truth Games we played with the lasses? Is there a single one of that whole crowd whose bra size we don't now know? ;o)

Ah, good old days... Miss them...

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yep got allll the logs :o)

For your sake and mine, never post them ;o)

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