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Heh, woo...
Just won a PCI card of my choice in a competition DMZ decided to run on the spur of the moment - he told us who he used to work for, and that we had to locate where the offices were. Well, I won, because I rule - they were somewhere near to The Oval, and stuff, so...

Anyhow, I now have a choice of PCI cards. Stupid thing is, my POS computer comes with just 3 PCI slots, and all are in use by pretty vital components... Of course, I could always replace my SBLive!.... ;o)

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What are the choices avaliable eh?

I dunno... it's all rather futile since I can't really use it. A new network card would be pointless, a new soundcard would be risky (uninstalling SBLive! is evil), and that leaves my TV card to replace, and I don't want to do that either, since a TV card isn't on offer.

Take what you think would get the most on Ebay then.

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