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(Friends) Well fuck me...
... I hit "Post" in the LJ client, and it crashed on me.... It's never done that before...

Anyway, in brief, here's what I said. The exam this morning went quite well. I'm confident that I passed it fine. But the things are f'ing hard, let me tell you - there are reasons why you only need 30% to pass these fuckers.

Came back and sat outside with Alex and Harry. In the course of discussing things, topics were brought up where I casually asserted that given the sum total of all the crap I've had to put up with from the female gender, I felt that I didn't deserve it. Harry quite rightly pointed out that I am no saint, but I pointed out back that I've only ever done things for the best, and that I'd had far worse than I could ever have deserved from those. She stormed off in a huff. Bah. Then had a conversation with Alex about how life really is just like TV, in that distanced-from-reality way that I seem to approach things at the minute...

Anyway, then Harry came back, and informed me that bad things happen to good people, deal with it. I told her to naff off. She then went off on one about how "It happens to everybody" - I politely(ish) informed her that just because something is commonplace, it does not become right, or fair, or just. She disagreed, saying (in a raised voice, no less) something like "You're nothing special". I responded along the lines of "Nor are you, especially not to me, nor is your opinion, so shut the fuck up". She ran inside crying.

And you know what? I don't give a shit, I really don't. Right now, I'm feeling wholly justified in taking out the fact that I'm pissed off on anybody, especially those (like Harry) who really deserve it sometimes. Once she's learned to stop being condescending and starts appreciating points of view other than her own (a crime I'm guilty of, but I at least try), then I might try to avoid speaking my mind at that annoying troll-like little cow. But until then......

Yes, I'm an asshole sometimes. Deal with it.

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Well just think - am I an asshole as often as you?

Answer: No

Ergo, I am only an asshole sometimes.

*ever so slightly baffled at what the heck is going on*
*but not going to ask*

Er ... need a hug, then?


Nowt to worry about... :o)


Oh good then. :-) *HUG*

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