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Ways In Which James Is Fucked Up: #59
Life is a TV show. I'm telling you, it's a god-damned TV show.

So yes, that's one of the ways in which I'm fucked up. Life works like TV in my head... OK, we have plots, sub plots, storyline arcs, main characters, incidental characters, and such... You get the idea.

Specific ways in which this is made apparent go something like this... Firstly, I believe that in any romance, there are two people that it centers on, and anybody else is an obstacle. The aim of the game is to be a main character, and not an obstacle, really, since things never work out for the latter group. We see the story go through the trials and tribulations of these two people, see their pasts, their presents, and watch their futures unfold, and you're in real trouble if you get in the way of the narrative, since fate doesn't take kindly to that.

Another way is that on TV, pasts really can be forgotten. Sure they often come back and bite you, but sometimes you get lucky and the writers forget all about it, and suddenly it's gone. Grant Mitchell never found out that he had a kid with Michelle Fowler, people change and pasts vanish. I like the idea that history can be rewritten just by forgetting it ever happened.

Last flings are either forgiven, or never mentioned - only in extreme cases do they result in anything bad happening to the main characters (cite Coronation Street as an example - but Sally deserved to be dumped frankly).

Everything works out OK for people who deserve it. Good people usually have happy endings, despite whatever else happens to them...

Life is a TV show...

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i think life is more like a movie. At the present my life seems to be like "goodfellas" with all the mobsters exchanged with scoundrel fishermen.

I wish life was more like a movie... Sadly, the plots seem to be ongoing, far more in line with a soap opera... :o(

With a movie, you always (or almost always) get closure at the end...

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