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So far....
So, I don't have my guitar any more. I'd mess about on the electric, but it's not as good as my one, and there's no amplifier, so it'd sound... well... crap. So I am without music in my life for the next two weeks. I'm sure I'll cope, with only mild depression :o)

Anyway, EB was rather crap. I dunno if it's just me, or if games are really shite nowadays... I'll opt for the second, simply because it's the most reasonable. Where are the games like Prince of Persia and stuff? It's all crappy Tomb Raider shit now.... Anyway, my point is that it all sucks, and so I didn't buy anything much. Oh well

Just acquired Mitch's new mobile number from his MSN name - now there's no escape from me. Bwahahaha... Hmm... I had something I wanted to write about, and now I've forgotten all about it. Oh, yes, now I remember... My brother got a preview video of Metal Gear Solid 2 from EB.... Much as I prefer not to like games for consoles, I have to say that it looks bloody excellent - perhaps even better than the original, which in itself is a great feat. The only Playstation game which ever really held my concentration (aside from Cool Boarders 3, but...). The music is fantastic, and the whole thing just looks groovy.

Anyway, I'm depressed. No guitar, no Becky, no football this evening probably - it's rained a bit, so... Oh well, just have to go get drunk off my face I suppose...

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(Deleted comment)
They allow Germans to view the Resident Evil series of games? They're some of the more gory titles out there. Oh, I believe they're for Playstation.

(Deleted comment)
The only time I ever see a nazi symbols is when I'm at school, and usually it's drawn by me...

(Deleted comment)
Boredom. I suppose over there you get thrown in jail for writing those things, don't you?

I said to get Deus Ex. Bloody wonderful game it is too.

Better than Half-Life it most surely is. And everybody agrees.

So there. :-)

It bloody is not. No game is better than Half Life. Well, not to me anyway. And I bet Grant agrees with me there :o)

PC Gamer: 95%
PC Zone: 94%
PC Format: 95%

And they all say it is better than HL.

Except HL is better in multiplayer mind. Then only fact HL has survived this long is because of all the mods avaliable for it...

Jesus, I better stop now as I am sounding like Grant.

Bah. But Half Life means more to me than just a game... I love it...

No, wait, that's Grant's line. Silly me...

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