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(Private) Tortured Soul

I'm still having the nightmares. Last night, myself, Antti, Becca, Chris, Rachael, and a few others from back home were going to this concert thing, but our tickets were messed up, so I needed to buy new ones for everybody. Then Becca got lost, but was bought new tickets by Thomas, and decided she wanted to be his friend instead of mine. And that's frankly as much as I'm going to say.

I dunno how many nights in a row it's been now, but I hate this. It keeps waking me up too... As soon as I get to the bad part, I jolt awake :o(


Update: And another one afterwards. And I hate the way they always wake me up :o(

The second dream was funny though - me, Dan, Chris and somebody else all came down to Brighton on a single motorbike, and much amusement was had by all...


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