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Oh no!
This just isn't fair. My favourite possession in the whole wide world is being horribly taken from me for two weeks. Yes, that's right - my guitar is getting fixed. The neck has been coming away from the big hollow bit (the body?), which means that it goes out of tune really easily. Hopefully, when it's fixed it'll sound better, and not be so damned awkward. Plus, apparently it needs fixing or it'll break forever. But to be honest, I'd much rather have my computer taken away for two weeks... :o)

Oh well... I'm off into Wycombe soon to get that fixed, and to go to EB - I feel like buying something...

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If you're going to EB then I can fully say that you should buy "Deus Ex".

I had a look, wasn't especially impressed...

*shocked* You rather have no computer for 2 weeks?!? I can't even *begin* to fathom what that would be like.

I'd sooner that than be without my guitar :o(

*We'd* rather you have uyou computer taken away fror two weeks :)

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