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(Friends) More Pictures
I warned you all that these would be coming...




Mice and Vicky

Tolis and Ebs

Lollo and Joyce

Lollo and Joyce


Claire and Annie

Harry and Mice

Some of us on the beach (too fuzzy)

People in the pub

In the restaurant

Everybody from 73 except Annie

I'd point out who everybody is in group pictures, but you should know by now... Apologies for how crap these are, but I'm having to take snaps of the photos with my webcam. Wish I had a scanner. Wish I could afford a scanner :o)

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If you insist on doing that again, please do think of using thumbnails or the equivilant. My modem is giving my daggered looks at the moment for downloading that lot. All 539 kb of it.

<caresses modem>

There there. It's over now.

Joyce is the fruitiest one there btw.

ditto... my 56k modem has melted... ;)

"Joyce is the fruitiest one there btw."

I couldn't possibly comment on that... :o)

Ok then, I will. She is.

Put in a good word for moi ;)

She's already gone home to America.... :o(

Yeah, I'm not overjoyed about it either, although in my case it's because she's my friend :o(

Small chance of you seeing her again then?

Well, I dunno... She's ultra-rich, so she might come back to visit us and stuff next year... And she lives in Boston, so in theory she could pop down to New York to see me when I'm there (although I doubt she would)....

hmm, would appear living in your house is somewhat easy on the eyes ;-)

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