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Sat in the TZ channel for Planetarion, I ran into Bounty, a guy I knew a couple of years back from #ts on Anyhow, we got talking and stuff, and eventually decided to go back there and see if anybody was about, which was fun. People I've not spoken to for years... Here's one interesting conversation:
[01:26] GeneralX> hmm... a little birdy (named messiah) tells me you went off to marry some girl... how'd that go?
[01:26] UnknownJ> *lol*
[01:26] UnknownJ> WTF?
[01:26] UnknownJ> I did?
[01:26] GeneralX> tsch, what a liar he is..
[01:27] UnknownJ> Heh
[01:27] GeneralX> BTS said you got married too..
[01:27] UnknownJ> He did?
[01:27] UnknownJ> Who the Hell did I marry?
[01:27] UnknownJ> And why did nobody tell me?!
[01:27] * UnknownJ worries
[01:28] GeneralX> those bastards... keeping such a joyous occasion from you..
[01:28] UnknownJ> I know
[01:28] UnknownJ> And I bet they were both there, and drank the champaign and everything
[01:29] GeneralX> *and* got the pick of the bridesmaids...
[01:29] UnknownJ> Those selfish bastards!
I can't believe everybody thought I went off and got married... Especially since I think I was about 17 when I left that place... So odd, these kids... :o)

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so uhm, yeah... who the Hell did you marry exactly?

I dunno... I'll ask BTS or Messiah next time I see them about (not bloody likely, but still...)

Believe me - I'm just as perplexed as you are... :o)

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