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I am breadless - I donated the last of it to Jimbo, since he's having a fry-up. After just 30 seconds in the kitchen, the smell of it has attached itself to my clothes - that's an impressive record, I think :o)

Today has been a very slow day so far - after all, I've only been awake for about 4 hours so far. I should get to work on either revision of coding soon, but I'm not really in the mood for either. Oh well...

Tomorrow should be better. I plan to go into town to go shopping - I need peanut butter (proper stuff), bread, and more of that chicken stuff that was ever so nice that I got with my parents. Which means it's a trip to Tesco in Lewes - this time by train rather than running. Anyhow, that's for me to worry about tomorrow, not today. Also tomorrow I'll be getting back my pictures from Joyce's leaving party - I'll get webcam shots of the good ones.

Right, more laziness now I think. In 50 minutes there's some TV I like, but aside from that, it's the usual sitting-around-doing-nothing thing :o)

Update: I really do love this song. Yeah, I know it's B*Witched, but it's just... I dunno... I just love it. I always liked B*Witched - kinda sad, I guess :o)


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