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Off to bed...
Hmm, so what did I get done tonight? Not much... If you look at my userinfo you'll see that I've redone my bio - it was old, it needed changing.

I worked out the framework for my friends page thing. I'm basically just throwing together a lot of server-side VB Script, in a vaguely object oriented way. In that basically, each person is going to be held in an object, that being a text file. Said text file will contain all the variables required for that person and their corresponding values, and be loaded up by the main page according to whatever argument is passed into it. That will then determine which object is viewed. It's all a really hands-on way of accomplishing something that really is rather neater in proper programming, but still...

Been thinking a lot today, well, specifically, this evening. Sometimes I hate David, he makes me think. Reminded me of a few things that I miss, that's all... Oh well... Also, others have made me think too. Doors are closing all around me, and it's scary when they do, because even though you want to go through just one, you never want to lose that power of choice. I've always believed in an ideal world murder should be legal, drugs, everything, they should all be legal. The test comes when you can do the wrong thing, but choose not to. Having bad options to choose from is what makes being good worthwhile. I dunno if that makes any sense, and it probably comes across wrongly, but still... When you look two ways and see two different things, it's not a metaphor for life, but for how you live it. Always choices, always decisions, always paths to follow. Blah, now I'm rambling, and there's not a single person aside from myself who will understand all of this paragraph and what I'm talking about.

Thinking about my trip to America too - only 15 days to go. Twelve hours of exams between now and then. Exams I have to pass. 370 hours until my plane lands. Funny, the 12 hours of exams are going to last for ages. The other hours are going to fly past, just because when you have exams, you never have enough time. Then we'll get to Saturday June 30th, and I'll say goodbye to my flatmates. In that last week, I'll say goodbye to 10 people. 4 of them I will live with next year, 2 of them I will still be able to hang out with. The other 4, I won't see again. Not in the immediate future anyway. It's a sad thought.

But then I'll be home. I'll pack a bag of clothes on Sunday (not too many though - Jen is taking me shopping), see Becca briefly, perhaps see Dan, say hello to my cat and give her a hug (it's now 8 weeks since I last saw her), then go to bed. I'll wake up early in the morning, when my dad will take me to the airport. My plane leaves at 8am. I hope they have a good movie :o)

Anyway, I'm off to bed. I can now reveal that a certain person is currently in possession of my guitar pick, which is why I've not inflicted any MP3s on you recently. I mailed it to her (after playing Hanging by a Moment and Turn My Head on my guitar with it one last time), and found that my yellow ones are crap. I can only play with that one, my fingers, or my Lifehouse one. And I don't like to use my Lifehouse one too much, since it's special. But I'll take it to America with me, I think :o)

Lots I'm thinking about right now... All about Jen.... Did she ever tell you all, she's a miracle worker?

Goodnight :o)


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