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I've decided
I'm going to do something worthwhile with my time - good grief!

No, it's not revision. I've decided to write a little page for my site which gives a profile of my friends depending on the argument. For instance /who.asp?user=david would bring up David's information page, along with a picture, a link to his journal and such.

Anyhow, big project, but should be fun to do. I'll get working on it now - it'll help me with my programming skills, in theory, so that's a good thing. The only exams I have before I go to Manchester are ItP and FAI, so that's all I need to work on right now. And both will be helped by this, in an indirect way... :o)

Update: Why does my room smell of perfume?

Update 2: Aha. OK, solved that question. Next question - why does the air outside my window smell of perfume?

Update 3: Or perhaps I should turn on the PHP for D& (as I always meant to) and put this thing there...

Update 4: Gah, I can't telnet to D& Sod it, I'll play around with instead.


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