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Ho hum...
Another day, another pointless waste of my time. Becky has gone off on a hike, so I am, alas, lonely and depressed without her - as per usual. She's not even taken her phone, so I can't send her messages... Oh well.... I shall manage somehow. The thing that was on my mind last night has more or less resolved itself. David will hate what it is though :o)

Been looking up concerts and stuff, after the thing in Oxford turned into a big pile of shite. As far as I can see, there aren't any decent concerts on in London until December 12th, when The Wonderstuff are playing. Which might be good. But probably not. Perhaps there will be some good things on in Brighton that I can go see when I get there (if they ever contact me about it - otherwise I'm e-mailing them asking WTF they're playing at).

Anyway, now I'm sorting out what we're doing tonight.... Looks like football and then the pub. Which is a plan I rather like. More later....


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