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Some Defining Musical Moments
It would be untrue to say that my life isn't dominated by music. My computer is serving MP3s to my room for over 23 hours every day, and since I'm not often out of my room, this means that I'm always being exposed to music. So let's look at some songs that I would say have gone some way to defining me...

REM - End of the world as we know it

In the days before I'd heard much REM, I'd go to my friend Dan's house quite a bit (no, not Dan, this is Dan Sheerin). Anyhow, on one occasion, he showed me this movie file that had come on a coverdisk or something, and the soundtrack to it was End Of The World by REM. I thought it was a damned good song, but didn't hear it again for a while. Then on one occasion on holiday, I kept hearing it, and started figuring out the words.

I can actually remember being sat at the table in the caravan listening to it on the little radio. Anyway, when I came home, I downloaded it, and figured out all the words, which took me ages, but it meant that I could (and still can) sing along word-perfect. Which was important to me at the time. Anyway, so, fast-forward a little, to about June 22nd, 199x (7 or 8, I forget which). I go to the REM concert at Earls Court with James Bell. My flatmate James was also there but I didn't know him then, so... Confusing, eh... Anyway, that was the last song they played, which ruled :o)

Semisonic - Singing in my Sleep

Hmm, this one probably starts on the Biology Field Trip. On the coach on the way down there, they played Secret Smile, and myself and Oliver thought it was, like, the best song... Anyway, we heard it a few other times on the field trip, and so when I was up in Durham, I bought it. I still remember going back to the house up there and watching the video on my dad's laptop. Anyway, I would listen to that CD at night on my personal CD player, in the absence of having any other music (I like to sleep to music, see)... And the b-side was even better than the main track - that being Singing in my Sleep. Anyway, this was the song I listened to every night for the week leading up to going to Ireland - bit of significance there.

Fast-forward some more, to (I think) the October of 1999. Becca, my sister, and I go to see Semisonic in concert. This was before I had their album (which I got on November 3rd), so I didn't recognise more than about 4 songs at the time, but they opened with Singing in my Sleep, which was totally amazing. It was just so good to hear this song that I loved get played first at the concert :o)

Live - They Stood up for Love

Fast-forward a week on from the Semisonic concert. My family have gone on holiday, Karen dumped me a few weeks before, I was feeling damned pissed off and upset. Bri was comforting me through it, but his relationship had hit the rocks too, so he was unable to really offer any real advice or help, other than introducing me to the band Live. He sent me a couple of MP3s, so I went out and bought a couple of their albums. The song I listened to most was They Stood Up For Love, because both Brian and Kara (his girlfriend) thought it was good. So it became, like, my favourite song, that I listened to a lot.

Moving on, we get to December '99, and I'm going to go see Live in concert with Benny and James. TSUFL was by this time my favourite song of all time, pretty much, and we eventually got to that song at the concert. Deciding to ignore the fact that nobody else was, I got up and danced along to it, and (naturally) sung along at the top of my voice. It was just so good, hearing my favourite song be played live... And it was done so well too... Loved every second of it :o)

Everclear - Everything to Everyone

This goes back quite a long way, I guess. It all starts when Bri joined AGRA, back a good many years ago. Anyway, the first thread he started there was called something like "Everything to Everyone, go listen to Everclear". That name stuck in my head for some reason, although I'd never heard of the song or the band. As I got to know Bri, he got me interested in Everclear and sent me loads of their songs, and I bought various albums, but I'd still never heard Everything to Everyone.

We now get to October 10th, 2000 - I'm at Uni now, and I have a spare ticket to an Everclear concert in London, so I take Mice. Anyway, half way through the concert, they launch into a souped-up version of Everything to Everyone - kinda like the version on "... Live from Toronto", only better. The first time I'd ever heard this amazing song, and it was being played by the band not 10m away from me. Good stuff.

Lifehouse - Hanging by a Moment

And finally, this song. As you probably all know, the way a certain person told me that she loved me was to send the lyrics to Hanging by a Moment and say that they showed how she felt. The most romantic gesture in my life, perhaps, which was really great. So yeah, I've been listening to that song a lot lately. So, moving on to the second half...

.... Tuesday 5th of June, the week after the cancelled Everclear concert I was going to, and I find myself in London in this basement with a bar, stood just a couple of feet away from the band. They finish playing the song "Everything", which was by far the most moving song I'd ever heard played live to date. It was just so amazing (I keep saying that, but that's because it keeps being true damnit). Anyway, then they go into this rock thing, that sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it. It's actually the guitar part from Hanging by a Moment, 1:30 into the song, but it wasn't an intro I recognised, so it took me a while. Then it died away and all that was left was Stu Mathis playing the intro (yes, Stu Mathis, whose guitar pick I got - woo). In fact, listen to the song from 1:30, and ignore all the singing - that's how it went, more or less - it then dies down into the intro. You'll hear what I mean.

So yeah, they start playing Hanging by a Moment, which is even more moving than Everything, by a long way.... Words can't describe the impact hearing that song being played by the band just a metre in front of me had, but... well... Wow :o)

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Yeah cheers for actually buying me the album!!! ie Semisonic, and thenk you to laura for giving you an excuse for actually keeping it!!!!

It's the end of the world as we know it
(time i had some time alone) hehehe

I think all the persons mentioned have the initials L.B.....

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