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OK People, back to *my* life here
So anyway.... I was kept offline today until 3pm because of my phone call, which eventually led to me being asked to come in for an interview. I still don't exactly know what would be required of me - heck, I don't even know what the job is at all. All I know is that they make gas detectors, and I have an a-level in chemistry (and an as-yet unassessed skill in gas generation) - there's probably something in that.

So anyhow, obviously I had to keep myself busy during this trying time. First I tried sleeping, until the part of my brain responsible for normal thinking shook off its cobwebs, and reminded me that if I slept through the phone ringing, I'd be rather stupid. So instead, I watched much quality TV. UK Gold, from 9am to 1pm. First The Bill, then Bergerac, then Knots Landing, then Neighbours, then Eastenders, then it started repeating earlier's programs, so I got bored.

From about 1pm onwards, I decided that the best solution was playing games. It only took 5 minutes for me to realise that Free Cell wasn't going to hold my attention for long enough. So I grabbed my AoK CD, and started making some fun Robin Hood scenarios. After Robin got killed for the twentieth time by those damned catapults, I decided to stop doing that again. Then the phone rang. You know the story from there on :o)

Last night passed uneventully. Slept downstairs, obviously, with my MP3s on. 40 hours of the things. Obviously, I've still yet to finish this playlist. Put on a groovy full-screen Winamp visualization thing, which looked really pretty in its 24 bit color. Woke up every couple of hours in the night, and had to tweak things, because it never stayed on for more than about 45 minutes at a time.

Am now very hungry. I think I'll go eat something. Choices are Pizza, Bolognese, Bacon, Toast, or a cunning combination of two or more of those. Bacon Bolognese Pizza, perhaps... Bacon and Bolognese on toast.... Put bacon in the bolognese sauce and cook that up... Perhaps I'll be inventive and pull something random out of the cupboard instead........


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