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(Private) Had a worrying dream
I made a private post last night, and then changed permissions on it so that Jen could read it and see how I felt. I then went to bed, and dreamed that I'd accidentally made it public. I can still remember from the dream reading what various people said about it, which is just weird. Actually, there were subconscious messages in there - people giving me opinions that I'd not heard from them, people telling me they cared. It was odd. And then there was the bit where Jen said she was in love with Thomas, which is why I woke up.

Then I dreamed that Joyce came back, having decided that she only liked the US for shopping, and preferred being with us. But then Annie and Ebs both went home, so we ordered Pizza. However, the pizzas got lost, and we had all manner of problems finding them.

Then I was in somewhere akin to CC2000, trying to obtain some photographs, and this guy came out and tried to kill me and lock me in a vault, so I had to fight him and beat him up. All very very odd...


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