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So let's see
Netmeeting is fun. Oh yes, and it makes me smile.

Flatmates who buy toilet paper and then put it all in the downstairs toilet piss me off - some of us don't want to go downstairs just to collect it and put it upstairs. Is it really so hard to just leave it by the door like before?

People are troubling me. Feelings don't go away when they're meant to. Make of that what you will, people who know me know the various situations in my life, and know that the above statement could apply to many things. You'll all guess wrong, I bet.

Tomorrow I will be wanting Pringles, Bread, Butter, Peanut Butter and Marmite, to build my food. I have my toaster, my plate, and my knife. Once I have the above, I will be complete, and not hungry any more. I get all the nutrients I need from my Super Toast - here's how to build it:
Toast lightly two slices of bread, until brown. Butter the bread. Apply marmite to one slice, and peanut butter to the other. Break up about 5 pringles, and sprinkle the bits over the toast. Sandwich the two together, so all the ingredients mix. Then butter the top of the toast, and spread marmite on it. Eat lots of this.
Trust me, once you go through about 10-12 slices of toast like this, plus a vitamin tablet afterwards, you'll have sufficiently provided for your body's nutritional needs.

So now is the time for sleep. I hope you had a safe journey and are having fun, and I hope you have a nice trip back to Pennsylvania. I'll see you both soon :o)

G'night kids. Apologies for the perhaps abstract nature of this entry, but I can't help it sometimes...

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I'll keep your recipe in mind...

thank you mr james sir :)

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