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(Friends) Exam
Right, did my exam. Found out that the pass-mark for this course is 30%, so I've already passed it, making the exam useless other than to prove I still exist. Regardless, I took it anyway, which is me finished until Tuesday.

It was an "Answer two of three questions" deal, and the first question was really easy, so I did that one first. Neither of the second two questions looked pleasant, so I left instead. I didn't want to waste my time writing wrong answers to questions I can't possibly answer. If I want to look like a tit, I'll let you know...

Anyhow, afterwards I spoke to the guy who did the talk about terrorism in the Comp Soc seminar - turns out, he's on the exact same course as me. The reason I didn't recognise him is that he never attends anything either. We chatted for a while about the exams, and that gave me lots of confidence in the tests to come :o)

More later - must pop to the shop...


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