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(Private) - Chat with Thomas
Zakarth: she always has an anecdote to tell about her past boyfriends
Zakarth: how they treated her-- how good they were in bed..
Zakarth: what kind of person they were
Zakarth: and what kind of person they weren't
Zakarth: i'll be the one that abandoned her.
TheUnknownJames: I like to think that I'll be the one who didn't
Zakarth: yeah well I hope you are.
Zakarth: if she loses you I don't think she has any hope for the futrue
Zakarth: you are the only bridge she has to washing her soul clean of the pain that she has...
Zakarth: and if she loses that then i don't think she'll ever be able to fix herself completely
Zakarth: When you are young an impressionable a child's mind can be taught so many things.. its why if you learn a language while you are young it comes alot easier than learning it right now..
Zakarth: mentally your mental pathways are fresh..
Zakarth: thats why psychological trauma sticks for so long in younger children.
Zakarth: the problem is that it becomes harder to heal the damage the older you get as well..
Zakarth: she may end up being a tortured soul-- and I have this really bad feeling that you might be her last chance at redemption
Zakarth: You may very well be the last caring guy in her life who can make a change for her
Zakarth: I hope she has beautiful moments.. I hope you do teach her how to love..
TheUnknownJames: Thanks


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