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I'm trying to work out some guitar tabs for the new Blink album. I've got quite a bit of the bass sorted, just because there's only so many things that Blink ever do with the bass guitar... One of my favourite songs is the soft, beautiful song "What Went Wrong"... Right now, all I have is a general idea, plus the echoing little lead bit... I'd write it out, but I can't be arsed. You play the D string, then B, then G, with fingers on the second frets of the D and G, so you play EBA. (Is that Asus2 or something? Or is it Asus4?).

Anyhow, there's other bits, but I can't be entirely sure of those, so I ain't posting them yet :o)

Just 3 hours before my exam. I'm a little concerned, because I want to do well in this exam - it'd be good to be able to pass with a good mark.

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Oh, shush, you're brighter than me, and I'm not exactly what you'd call dim or average... You'll do fine :-)

But I need a whole 3.5% to pass!!!!!!!!! 2 HRAD!!!!1!!!!

You'll so fine on your exam! Don't worry.

I know. But I want to do really well. The problem is I've done no real AI for months :o(

It will all come back to you. When I started my math exam and i read problems I'd done like 4 months before, it came back to me. I didn't think it actually would, but it did. You'll do really well!

Yeah, but you've done math since then. I've not touched the AI subject in months. This subject is one I've not done since early December.

Hmm...well you'll still do fine! You're James! You're a genius! = )

Perhaps, but that won't help me if I never knew the stuff in the first place. Oh well.

something ive always been curious about

why tabs? why not real music like proper notes n stuff, the way i was taught when i used to play stuff (all those yrs ago)
the whole tabs thing evaded me
whats it all about?

Re: something ive always been curious about

Proper notes is fine, but tabs are a lot easier to read from my point of view. It means you can easily look at them and see exactly where your fingers are going.

Plus, the guitar covers about 3/4 octaves - notes alone would be difficult to work with.

Re: something ive always been curious about

ah i see
cheers =)

Re: something ive always been curious about

By "3/4", I mean "Three or four", rather than "Three quarters". I'm sure you knew that, just making sure people don't think I'm dim or something :o)

I can barely play no matter what im reading...yet I CAN play without reading anything...strange eh?

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