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(Friends) Things on the home front
Well, it's been a while since I've talked about this stuff, so...

Anyway, here's the deal. After the club the other night, we all came back drunk, and Alex came to my room to chat. She explained how she's been really unhappy lately, and has been drinking to excess (a fact I had noticed) as a result. When pressed for the reason why, she was stubborn at first, but I finally got it out of her.

She's decided that she's in love with me.

Hmm. This isn't especially good, frankly - this isn't something I need right now. Anyway, yeah, she gave me this letter basically saying how she feels, and said a load of things. What could I say, eh? I had to turn her down again, which sucks - I'm fed up of doing that periodically, now I know how Becca must have once felt, eh...

The annoying thing is New Years. See, back then if you recall, I was her boyfriend for 24 brief hours. I dumped her, then was guilted into taking her back. Then she dumped me, and I went off and pulled that Jenny girl, and had a great time, while Alex went off, drank mugs of vodka then threw up, claiming it to be the worst night of her life. Bad. I don't like the idea that I'm driving somebody to drink, I really don't... :o|

But yes, it's annoying, because she probably thinks that she missed her chance or something. Truth is, I was going to dump her anyway, it just wasn't ever going to work, but she doesn't know that. As far as she knows, she had me and messed it up. So she's probably kicking herself. But what can I do? I can hardly say "Nah, I'd never have stuck with you anyway, it was inevitable" - that's not nice.

Anyway, today, as many of you probably know, things hit an all-time low with Jen, when I very nearly broke up with her. Certain flatmates (including Alex) knew of my intention to break up with her. When I told Alex that I wasn't, as soon as I left the room she started drinking, and got through quite a bit of rum, and a bottle of wine. She then came to my room and challenged me to a "Fight to the Death". I, of course, accepted. She kept trying to knock me over, I just stood there giggling. She tried hitting me, I still stood there giggling. Then she lunged at me, so I knocked her over (gently). She conceded defeat, then started to cry, and explained why she was drinking so much.

I hate when girls cry, I really do. It upsets me.

Anyway, the end result is that she's pissed off that I'm giving Jen all these chances, but I never gave her any, or something. And she's upset for a ton of other reasons too, but we'll just not go into that. In short, it's a mess.

Anyway, after turning her down again, she went off to talk to Harry and Claire (both of whom think she should just get the fuck over me - a sentiment I share). Oh well...

Right, so, anyway, right now I'm sat in the computing lab in maths, because I needed to be on the Uni network to look up my results. For the exam tomorrow, all I need is 3.5% in order to pass - I'm fairly confident, to be honest... Other exams are going to require a lot more work, however...

In random today-related news, I got the new Blink 182 album - a couple of songs stand out, but so far there's not been anything outstanding. However, it will (I'm sure) grow on me. I spoke to Jen for a while on the phone, spoke to various people online, and called Jude so that I could demonstrate how bad my laugh is.

On that subject, let's see all the people off the Internet I've ever called (or spoken to on the phone in general)... There was that Sarah girl up in Manchester back in '97, then there's Jen, Karen, TMA, Liz, Siggy, Ozjish, Kit, David, Laura, Mitchy, Jude, Scott, Thomas, Sarah, Dave, Adam, Martin, Becky, Bri, Doctor Bob, Katie, I think that's about it.... Quite a few people, considering how shy I usually am, I guess...

Any others, feel free to remind me :o)

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Yep, the turning down thingis a bummer, but its normally for the best, look at us!?!?

For somebody who is meant to have a reasonable grasp of the language, you do talk a lot of shit.

Why are there question marks there? Did you ask a question? No, you did not. Why the fuck do so many people insist on putting question marks where there is clearly no question?

As for us - yes, thank fuck I didn't end up with you - since my name isn't Mark and I'm not an asshole, it might have actually worked or something?!?!?!?! ;o)

Yes, I'm in a bad mood with question marks. So many people do that, and it's just infuriating.

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