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Well, tonight has been a highly contemplative experience... I've had something on my mind all evening, and try as I might, I can't actually figure out what it is. I have a fair idea, and David knows exactly what it is, but I don't feel like letting him tell me... I want to know what flash of inspiration about my situation is going to hit me, rather than have him fill my head with the wrong ideas (yes David, yours are wrong - mine are right ;o)

I've also been thinking about other things. Like seeing Matthew earlier. For all I know, that'll be the last time I see him in ages, if ever. Now that was weird. I've spent the last two years competing against him as much as I can, and suddenly he's going off to do Physics on the other side of the country. Regardless of any false animosity there, I shall miss him. Which is just weird. I shall, of course, see Phil again - we have to go see Mr Ryder about Mrs Hawley's new address (she moved to Wales). Perhaps Matthew will be there. Who knows...The sooner he gets MSN, the sooner I can quit worrying about him vanishing - who else will I be able to have Lightsabre battles with, and lend my Star Wars videos to for months??? :o)

Oh well. I'm just really reflecting on the implications of going to University. It means leaving so many people behind. Mike is off around the world (or at least around Oxfordshire, if he can find his way), and I'll not see him for a good while. Dan will probably stay at home, and I may well see him in holidays, and get to speak to him on MSN Messenger, so that's OK. Chris is going to Warwick, where hopefully he'll have MSN Messenger / ICQ / Some form of communication with the rest of us (even if it's just e-mail)... Grant is never offline, but we don't speak to him anyway, so either way.... The Delves rarely go out anywhere with us, so we'll not be missing much social activity. Lord knows what Oliver will be doing now, but I know Benny will stay at home for the next year, so I always have his number.

Hmm.... Then there's Phil and Matthew. Phil has MSN, and will hopefully always have his Hotmail account, so I can talk to him. But I'll miss having lessons with them. Sure, there will be smart people at Sussex, but it was different with them. Matthew would never admit to being wrong, and we'd have amusing discussions on things which one of us knew nothing about. Then we'd both argue with Phil because he's just daft (kidding Phil). I hope I find somebody at Sussex as arrogant and up himself as Matthew, but I shan't hold my breath. Matthew and Phil are two in a million...

Anyway, back to mindless existence.... Hope this big thought of mine surfaces soon...


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