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Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
Friday 15th June 2001
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Mandela Hall

My first exam. I have my candidate number and my ID, and a pen. That's all I need. Urg, so nervous... Oh well, I can at least look at the past papers, and see what sort of stuff I'm up against. As I recall, I scored damned well in the coursework for this subject - something like 70% in total for the coursework. Which means I only need 10% on the exam to pass - fuck yeah, I rule ;o)

Plus, I've just found the course website, which I'd forgotten to ever look at before (since I went to lectures instead of needing to work from home back then). That should help for the revision I'll do tomorrow. I've been reading through my text books so far, which has helped - tomorrow, my last minute revision will be of a run-through-course-in-an-hour nature :o)

Update: Ah, of course, the reason I never used the site is that the teaching material is not on there. That explains it. Oh well, back to the text books.

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(Deleted comment)
I think I can just about get 20% without luck. The rest, well, we'll see ;o)

I think I know most of it - this was one I was quite good at, IIRC...

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