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A thought
I'm in this little room with her, with big windows. It's pouring with rain outside, and you can see how cold and windy it is out there, but it's perfectly calm in the room, and warm. She takes my hand, and suddenly outside becomes much darker, and the room becomes much lighter. I take her in my arms and hug her, and everything outside vanishes, and it's just us.

I just thought I'd share, for no apparent reason.

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(Deleted comment)

Message from your Darling Mumsie aka Pig Hag

Sorry didn't speak to you this evening - too busy transferring money around in order to pay your debts! Cheques are in post. Speak to you soon.

Re: Message from your Darling Mumsie aka Pig Hag

Not to worry - thanks for the dosh :o)


and quit fixing your current music :o)

I'm not - I'm listening to the new Blink album. Only 16 songs on the playlist, so the odds aren't so great.

Last time I checked, you were always her sweetie :o)


i've missed you


I've missed you too my love :o)

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