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I should comment on this publicly, since Thomas has...

I promised Jen once that I wasn't leaving until she told me to. She's told me not to. And so I'm not leaving her.

I'll be going to see her on July 2nd, and that's that.

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I know I'm going to sound very parent-ish, but I just think that may be a little dangerous decision to make, in case you're serious about this.

Dangerous decision or not, it's mine, and I've made it. I'm going to go see her.

i have alot of respect for u making this decision james
too bad u aint got none for me

I never said I don't respect you.

no, u never said it
u just did it instead
acting as jenny was the cut off point where by when i found that out i laughed and thanked everything thats happened cos i wasnt in her life anymore
u doing that proves u have no respect

Hmm. If you saved that log, look back at it - you'll notice that while I did that, I tried not to do anything wrong. You thought I told you to fuck off, but I didn't. I was just being vague and telling you to guess what she'd mean, because I didn't know what she'd be saying to you, so...

its not the fuck off part, its the pretending to be her part
and i never save convo's
i tend to be able to remember them perfectly for some reason
i only save the ones id like to read again
which isnt very often
being told to fuck off is something id expect from her
having someone impersonate her is a different matter
hope u had fun
cos im having alot of fun laughing at everything thats happened at the moment

but that doesnt take away the respect i got for u for making the decision
it takes alot to do that
trust me
i know =)

I know you know :o)

Anyhow - 18 days before I go there - I can't turn back now.

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