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Piccy Churs!!
Woohoo :o)

OK kids, here's pictures of the university, with a few of people too. I refuse to do an LJ-Cut tag, so deal with it ;o)

Along the main road along where the student residences are. On the other side of the hedge on the right is East Slope carpark and the bar.

The view across from Falmer house, in the direction of the student residences

That picture of the pier. I couldn't get the webcam to focus right and stuff, but you get the idea about the effect I was going for with it...

The view from outside my window, looking across campus

A path through the wood-type bit, out the back

A view from the top of the valley outside the back door

Just by the laundry place - in the middle at the back is Norwich House, to the right behind the trees is York House, with the student union shop there.

East Slope Bar

On the left there, that's my flat - this is the path down from there.

A photo taken from inside the back door

Another shot from the back door

You can't see the sea clearly, but it's there - this is the view from the top of the slope out the back

That picture I liked - the webcam shot makes it look bad, but I like it :o)

Lollo!! :o)

Joyce!! Ahhh... Miss her already :o(

There we go :o)

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Hey I know some of those places!!! Failed to meet either of those two when visiting. Are you all gonna keep in touch?

Hopefully, yeah... I miss Joyce :o(

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