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Plan for Tomorrow
Pick up photos in the afternoon! Woohoo! I can't wait. I'll webcam the good ones, although that'll look kinda crap.

When I do that, I'll also take the photos from last night to be developed - should get those by the end of the week, so yay. Also need food tomorrow, some more butter, some more bread, some chocolate and that should do me - I still have loads of supermarket food.

Been looking at my schedule for the next while - hectic:

15th: Foundations of AI
20th: Stats and Probability
21st: Introduction to Programming
23rd: Further Artificial Intelligence / Dad helping me half move out
24th: Manchester (visiting David, Jude and Gaz and hopefully Laura)
25th: Manchester (visiting David, Jude and Gaz and hopefully Laura)
26th: Maths Methods I & II
28th: Algebra and Geometry I & II
29th: Further Programming
30th: Final Moving Out
1st: Transition Day and Mum's Birthday
2nd: Flying off to America

So yeah - lots to fit in...

Before I go to bed, a story. Last night, when Vicky and I went to the bank to get more money (this was after I'd stoped drinking, so I was at my most drunk), we happened upon a homeless guy with a reasonable acoustic guitar. So I sat down next to him and got him to play me a couple of things. I then swapped the contents of my wallet (about a fiver, give or take) for a quick go on his guitar. And I honestly couldn't play. My coordination was just that bad... I tried to play a couple of chords and my fingers slipped, tried to play a quick shot of Turn My Head and found that the fingers of my left hand didn't actually move. All rather embarassing really. Still, it was good fun. But note to self: never get so drunk that you can't play anything again.

Anyhow, I'm off to bed. Within the next 6 hours, Joyce will be leaving. Expect tears from me :o(


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