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James' Weird Post Of The Day
Woohoo, for all your pseudo-profound crap needs, this post is your one-stop shop. Or something. Usual disclaimers apply - anybody who doesn't know exactly what I'm talking about should ignore anything they see here, simply because they'll only get it wrong. That, of course, includes most of you.

Random thoughts occur. Sometimes nothing makes sense, and you wish so badly that it would, that you could figure out what was going on. At other times, it all makes a lot of sense, and you crave the uncertainty that was just that little bit more optimistic.

When you're a kid, you run around in circles, spinning around and around, and then stop. But your brain thinks you're still spinning. It's an interesting metaphor. It makes your head spin, but then you still feel giddy for a long time after the whole thing has stopped being real. And you realise that the only real part was the very beginning, and everything after that was just habit.

Sometimes things happen and you stop believing in things. There are two types of belief. If I say I don't believe in Western Medicine, I'm not denying it's existence - merely it's effectiveness. You can say the same of emotions. You can stop believing that they mean anything, regardless of whether they're present.

Kevin Spacey is such an underrated actor. He's praised highly by everybody, yet is still underrated. Watching American Beauty just now, and Seven earlier, it occurred to me just how powerful an actor he is. It's all very impressive. Morgan Freeman too, although that's partly because of the delivery of his lines. He's very good with voiceovers at the end of films, I find... He has a very comfortable voice, or something. Anyway...

Back to the cryptic stuff. Friends are the best thing you can have, you know. They should be valued over everything in life. But for something so valuable, they are so infrequently given the credit they deserve. So I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you, you and you, just because I don't do it enough. You're all great friends to me.

OK, crap over, continue with your journal reading.


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