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Why do some people love themselves?
Answer: Because nobody else does :o(

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katie says you live near oxford.

you can come to my party if you want to :] (i am having it in mid september.)

The "mid-september" time slot is reserved for either 1) Working my ass off so I have money for Uni or 2) Packing all my stuff for Uni, so I don't die when I get there from exposure. But the offer is appreciated :o)

I love you. If we're talkign about you being unloved. Well, I don't mean I love you in that way - kind of in the way that you might love your cat.

(Phew - I don't think I sound homosexual now.)

You don't love me in that way? That's not what you said last night.

There, now I made you look homosexual again. That'll teach you to leave us and visit your girlfriend :o)

I've heard strange things about James and his cat... .-)

*insert bad joke about confusing "cat" with "pussy"*

*shout at Reycov for saying "strange things about you and your pussy?"*

There we go...

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