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(Friends) Another lazy day
Taking a break from the stress of revision (i.e. reading my big AI book from cover to cover and ensuring that I understand it all - no easy task), I went out into Brighton again today, this time with Harry and Alex - they're very easily led....

Anyhow, so I got the train in, bought many rolls of film from Boots, and then went to get milkshakes. Then we went and sat on the beach for a while, which was nice and calming, if a little cold - I took a photo of my arm simply because my hairs were all stood on end, in a rather huge manner, so... :o)

Anyway, it eventually got a bit too cold, so we decided to go to Burger King and get me some food (they're both veggies, so they couldn't - ha!), then come back. So that's what we did.

So, not a lot to report really... Took another 30 or so photographs today, mostly of the sea and stuff, the piers, a few shots in Brighton, and several around the University on my way back. I have to demonstrate to somebody that there's lots of trees and stuff here, since this person seems to think I live in some concrete hole :o)

Oh, plus, I also climbed onto my roof and took some pictures from there, panning across the landscape, so that you get an idea of what I see from my window. Looked good to me, although I'm not sure how bright the sun was (it was behind clouds but still quite bright), so that may scupper a couple of them. We'll just have to wait and see - I can't take them to be developed until Monday...

So, got back to Uni a while ago, and phoned David. Heard Laura in the background, which was nice, if only it proves sufficiently that David hasn't just made her up in his head - we had been wondering... Chatted briefly, then let him get back to having sex in the middle of Manchester, or whatever it was he was doing...

Anyway, the plan now is to go out and take more pictures, so I will. Back shortly...

*wanders off*


*time elapses*

Right.... Well, I got lost in the woods, which sucked a bit, since it was beginning to get dark. But then I found a path which brought me back to the Uni, so that's OK. I could've always gone back the way I came, so I wasn't really lost, but I don't like retracing my steps - that's the boring way to do it.

Met Lollo's friends Sarah and Mia (dunno about the spelling on either since they're Swedish) earlier - both seem very nice. Although I'm sure Jimbo, with his thing for Swedish girls, thinks they're a lot nicer... Funny kid ;o)

Anyhow, after chatting to Jimbo and Claire, and turning the power back on to the kitchen and dining room (something knocked it out), I've now retired to my room for the rest of the evening. The plan is to talk to people, and then to take some photos at dawn, before going to bed at my usual insane time. Ah, it's good to have a plan :o)

Update: Yes, I am listening to perhaps bad music. My playlist right now has Alice Deejay, Sash, Dario G and Oasis. Sometimes I get like this :o)

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Irritating reminder #1

1) Student Loan Form

2) Sort out rent, e.g. find receipt or some kind of proof

This reminder will be repeated at regular intervals until:

a) All tasks are accomplished
b) I get bored
c) You come home and I nag you in person
d) You get throown out of uni
e) You don't go back for 2nd year as we can't afford it

Re: Irritating reminder #1


Re: Irritating reminder #1

PS It might be nice if you called mum to ask how she got on.....

Re: Irritating reminder #1

But not now. Tomorrow

Re: Irritating reminder #1

I wanted to talk to her earlier, but somebody put the phone down. You send me that e-mail Friday noon, have me worried for ages and tell me you'll update me, then leave it until this morning. I'd have called, but I decided that you probably would if you had any news. Then you said it was just "fine". This did not amuse. Yes, I will call her - I just wasn't sure when would be OK, I didn't know what her plans were and such.

Bah, I dunno if I'm trying to have a go at you there or not - let's assume not. All I know is that I have felt that from what you'd said, you'd be keeping me posted. I've wanted to call her all day and have been somewhat concerned, so I hope you don't think that I'm being uncaring here.

Seems that I have been doing a dad again.

Don't do things when I should; say one thing, mean another; get pissed off with people (James in this case) whose only crime has been to believe what I said; etc.

Sorry James, I cocked-up and then blamed you.

Re: A public apology

Bah, add to your list making apologies that make others feel bad ;o)

For what small thing I was cross at you for, you have been forgiven. I also apologise for not pre-empting you doing a dad again, and acting accordingly ;o)

Re: A public apology


I am also very sorry for making apologies that make others feel bad

Quick, anything else I need to apologise for before I go to bed?

Re: A public apology

Too late!

I've disconnected and gone to bed.

Re: A public apology

You gave me insufficient time to compose the epic list. I feel cheated ;o)

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