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(Private) Things
Dunno about the Jo thing. Did she intentionally hurt me there, was she trying to change topic abruptly, or was she just being the blonde ditz that she so often loves to be. I think she may have been testing to see if she still had that power or something, to see whether I was just talking crap. If so, then I passed, in one way at least.

But it might have been her way of saying "Look, I don't want this conversation, and here's why...", which would suck. But I dunno. I think David wants me to find out, but we know what David's long term plan is with that one (read: get me away from "that lieing bitch" and with somebody "better"), so doing as he says isn't top of my list. I'll just have to play it by ear, and hope she accepts my apology for running off like that.


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