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Good grief...
Take a look at this...
Mr Heseltine's intervention came in a BBC interview on Friday as he questioned whether the Tory party was "leaderable". He said the party had presented an image of "a right-wing xenophobic party talking to itself in a very introspective way."

And he added: "The fact of the matter is you only win elections in the centre ground and in the most extraordinary way we have handed over to Tony Blair the traditional Tory centre ground."

Mr Heseltine criticised Mr Hague for fighting on the wrong issues and failing to take account of social changes such as the rise of multi-culturalism, gay rights and increased breakdown in marriage.
Why is it that he only managed to get a clue after he stopped representing our constituency, eh?

As for who is to lead the Tories right now, I'm not sure which I'd prefer. Somebody utterly terrible, who would keep them out of office for even longer than they're likely to be, or somebody who might actually be reasonable in the event of them getting back in. It seems relatively clear to me that if Labour are unable to deliver on their promises this time, the Tories will have the perfect advertising campaign for the next election, and I don't see Labout staying if they fuck it up. So do we have somebody to drive people away from Conservatism, or do we have somebody who might do a more reasonable job if they did get in? Who knows...

On interesting thing - the Tories didn't have a leg to stand on in their campaign, simply because their main point was "Labour isn't Working". Well, that may be loosely true, however, throughout the Tory rule (as was pointed out to me last night) they maintained that a switch to Labour would destroy the country. This clearly did not happen, and suddenly their assertion that Labour would fuck everything up lost any sort of credibility (had they concentrated on schools, health care, and the like, they may have hit them harder - thankfully they didn't).

Anyway, that's enough election coverage from me, I'm off into Brighton...

Update: Ha! As per usual, it's now raining. Trust it to rain on the one day when I've planned to go into Brighton. Oh well, best wrap up warm then - I decided I was going, and I am. I've got stuff I need to buy (including some nice fast food), so... Right, however, I will be getting a bus, rather than walking to the station and then from Brighton station to the shops. It's just way too far in the rain :o)

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'Why is it that he only managed to get a clue after he stopped representing our constituency, eh?'

I assume one of the reasons why he was so shite is because he lived some 200 miles outside the Henley constituency that he represented. Thus had no fucking clue whatsoever. The new Tory old boy for this area is a complete and utter nimwit. I still don't understand why Thame comes under Henley which is full of stuck up toffs who think their shit don't stink.

Last time I checked, all of Henley stinks - it's possible that the shit doesn't smell any worse than the rest of it :o)

Anyhow, Chinnor is full of Thatcherite scum, I expect Thame is probably the same, so it doesn't surprise me that we're lumped in with those fuckwits :o)

Last time I checked, all of Henley stinks

Sorry, not quite right. There is a small part that is exempt from all criticism. The only reason that you have mistakenly included it is because you dont't drink beer (Oh where did I go wrong as a parent - hypothetical James, so stop making that list). I refer to the Henley Brewery finest bitter in the world.

I do not accept your correction - beer is foul. Give me my nice Courvoisier Brandy any day :o)

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