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Bed Time
Every noteworthy part of the election has gone - we know who's won, the leaders have all given their speeches, I've heard Boris give his speech about my home constituency (Tories kept Henley, Aylesbury, Beaconsfield, Wycombe - damnit), and now I'm just feeling a little tired. And, more than ever, I'm feeling as if my vote was fairly pointless, simply because my constituency has a 10k Labour majority, and the Lib Dems are down in third place, less than 4% higher than the Greens. In such a location, I really don't see where my vote makes any difference - a vote for the party that is far down in third place does nothing in effect (although we have gone up by 3.6%), and I can't vote for either of the top two, simply because they're a bunch of... well... I won't say what I think here - it's not polite :o)

So anyway, let's see... Tomorrow... I have money in my pocket, so if I'm awake in time and the weather is nice, I'll nip into Brighton and go hang out on the beach. I'll accompany that with either pizza or a burger, which I will justify by using the fact that I've yet to celebrate the fact that I've got a job, and the fact that I'm saving money I'd be spending on Monday. And by that, I mean that on Monday, we're all going out (all 12 of us) to have a meal with Joyce, since she's leaving next Wednesday (for good). However, it's Thai or something, so I won't be eating much (if any), so that's a saving.

So, time to go to bed now - I want my pizza, and I want to be sat right next to the waves.

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Proportional representation is the better option, but then, Labour would always get in... Hell, I voted for them :)

Exactly why this system sucks - there's only so many constituencies that make the difference and if you live in a safe seat area then your vote has little effect. Tonbridge and Malling is one of the safest Conservative seats and thus once again we are blue. Also, the MP i voted for was purely on a local basis but that doesn't necessarily mean I want his party to govern the country.

I also find it amusing that Labour are now supposedly an elected government yet more people didn't vote than voted Labour.

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